14 de dezembro de 2011

Video Games Live Level 2 BluRay

Year: 2010 Genre: Live concert Director: Allen Newman Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Laura Intravia, Martin Leung, Tommy Tallarico, Jack Wall Production: US | Shout Factory Runtime: 1:39:48

Track List
01. The Legend of Zelda Suite

02. Civilization IV: Baba Yetu (Duet Version)

03. God of War: Revenge and Redemption

04. Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Medley

05. World of Warcraft: Lament of the Highborne

06. Mario Solo Piano Medley

07. Super Mario Bros. Medley

08. Warcraft Montage

09. Sonic the Hedgehog: Staff Credits

10. Advent Rising Overture

11. Megaman Montage

12. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Theme

13. Final Fantasy Solo Piano Medley

14. Halo Montage

15. Castlevania Rock Overture

16. Final Fantasy VII: One Winged Angel (Rock Edition)

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