God of War II Official Soundtrack

Published bySystem Recordings
Composed byGerard K. Marino, Ron Fish, Mike Reagan,Cris Velasco, Matthew Bachand, Jason Bittner, Johnathan Donais, Brian Fair, Paul Romanko
Arranged by
Performed byLondon Session Brass Players, The Czech Film Orchestra String Players and Choir, Nejad, Mike Reagan, Ron Fish, Jonathan Mayer, Shadows Fall, Junkie XL, George "TraGiC" Doman

01God of War II - Main Titles2:56
02The Glory of Sparta3:07
03The Way of the Gods2:11
04Colossus of Rhodes2:05
05The Bathhouse2:03
06Death of Kratos4:03
07The End Begins1:54
08Typhon Mountain3:15
09Waking the Sleeping Giant1:49
10Battle for the Skies2:14
11Exploring the Isle2:17
12The Isle of Creation3:19
13The Summit of Sacrifice2:31
14An Audience With Cronos2:05
15The Barbarian King Returns2:00
16Bog of Lost Souls2:20
17Battle in the Bog2:00
18Crossing the Lowlands2:02
20Palace of the Fates2:44
21Phoenix Rising2:08
22Ashen Spire1:00
24The Battle for Olymus3:09
25Junkie XL Colossus Remix4:11
26Blood of Destiny2:44
28Atlas Remembers (Bonus Track)4:10
29Kratos and Atropos (Bonus Track)1:32
30Pursuing Destiny (Bonus Track)3:34
31Theme of Fates (Bonus Track)2:12
Disc length 78:20

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