Street Fighter II Image Album

Classification Arrangement
Published by Pony Canyon, Scitron Label
Composed by Pii
Arranged by Kanji Saito, Ikuo Kataoka, Kunihiro Tuji
Performed by Hiroshi Shimizu, Tatuji Yokoyama, Tomoyuki Sato, Takeshi Sugimoto, Hiroshi Saitou, Kunihiro Tuji, Ikuo Kataoka

01 Theme of World Warriors (TITLE DEMO) 3:30
02 Go Flying Through the Air (RYU) 3:58
03 Meditations of Yogi (DHALSIM) 4:15
04 Solid and Tough (ZANGIEF) 4:04
05 Power of Four (FOUR DEVAS OF MEDLEY) 6:11
06 He is a Japanese "Sumo" Wrestler (E. HONDA) 4:15
07 A Violent Emotion (GUILE) 4:01
08 To Your Heart with Passion (CHUN LI) 4:48
09 The Naked Man (BLANKA) 4:11
10 Fight it Out (KEN) 4:19
Disc length 43:32
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