The King of Fighters XIII Original Soundtrack (2 CD)

Composed by: Tetsuhiro Ogawa, Iku Mizutani, Toshihiko Hiraguchi, Tomonao Niiya, Makoto Suehiro, Tasuku Mizutani

Disc 1

02 The Second Joker (Ash)
03 Each Promise (Elizabeth Team)
04 Esaka Continues... (Japan Team)
05 Wild Street (Fatal Fury Team)
06 Purity Soldiers (Psycho Soldier Team)
07 Irregular Mission (Ikari Team)
08 Who is Queen? (Women Fighters Team)
09 Stormy Saxophone 5 (Yagami Team)
10 Kyokugen Training! -Mountain Seclusion- (Art of Fighting Team)
11 Tame a Bad Boy (Kim Team)
12 KDD-0063 (K' Team)
13 Fate (Saiki)
14 Diabolosis (Ash Crazed by the Spiral of Blood)
15 Staffroll-Arcade- (Arcade Version Staff Roll)

Disc 2

01 Demo (Rose Entry Demo)
02 Demo (Botan Entry Demo)
03 Demo (Saiki Entry Demo)
04 Demo (Those from the Past Entry Demo)
05 Demo (Saiki Transformation Demo)
06 Demo (Gate of Fate Demo)
07 Demo (Ash Entry Demo)
08 Demo (Ash Disappearance Demo)
09 Ending (Ash)
10 Ending (Elizabeth Team)
11 Ending (Japan Team)
12 Ending (Fatal Fury Team)
13 Ending (Psycho Soldier Team -part1-)
14 Ending (Psycho Soldier Team -part2-)
15 Ending (Ikari Team)
16 Ending (Women Fighters Team)
17 Ending (Yagami Team)
18 Ending (Art of Fighting Team)
19 Ending (Kim Team -part1-)
20 Ending (Kim Team -part2-)
21 Ending (K' Team -part1-)
22 Ending (K' Team -part2-)
23 Ending (Edit Team)
24 Ending (Bad Ending)
25 Character Select (Character Select)
26 Winner (Winner Demo)
27 Lose (Defeat Demo)
28 Continue (Continue)
29 Continue Service (Continue Service)
30 Game Over (Game Over)
31 New Challenger (Intrusion Demo)
32 Ranking (Ranking Display)
33 Conguratulations! (Game Clear 1)
34 Conguratulations! (Game Clear 2)
35 Conguratulations! (Game Clear 3)
36 Ending-Location Test- (Location Test Ending)
37 You are strong! (Consecutive Victories Limit Display)

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