Garou Densetsu Symphonic Sound Trax

Classification Arrangement
Published by Pony Canyon, Scitron Label
Composed by Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan
Arranged by Fumio Yasuda, Macky
Performed by Shinsekai Orchestra

01 Garou Densetsu 3 Title "from Garou Densetsu 3" 3:36
02 Kurikinton (Terry Bogard) "from Garou Densetsu Special" 3:30
03 Pasta (Andy Bogard) "from Garou Densetsu Special" 4:54
04 A New Poem Southern Thailand Wants to Tell (Joe Higashi) "from Garou Densetsu" 2:58
05 Blazing Dragon God (Mai Shiranui) "from Garoun Densetsu Special" 3:07
06 Let's Go to Seoul! (Kim Kaphwan) "from Garou Densetsu Special" 4:32
07 How Has China Survived 4000 Years? (Tung Fu Rue) "from Garou Densetsu Special" 2:46
08 Kiss Me ♥ (Blue Mary) "from Garou Densetsu 3" 2:45
09 Working as a Matador (Lawrence Blood) "from Garou Densetsu Special" 3:37
10 Soy Sauce on Geese (Geese Howard) "from Garou Densetsu Special" 2:13
11 No.1 from Pandora's Box "Encounter" (Jin Chonshu) "from Garou Densetsu 3" 5:26
12 The Remains of My Love -The Sunset Sky Part V- (Garou Densetsu 3 Ending) "from Garou Densetsu 3" 2:57
Disc length 42:21
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