Garou Densetsu Image Album

Published by     Pony Canyon / Pony Canyon, Scitron Label / Scitron Label
Composed by     Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan
Arranged by     PAPAYA, TATE-NORIO, KONNY, Jojouha KITAPY
Performed by     JOJOUHA-KITAPY, PAPAYA, Hiroshi Iimuro /Hiroaki Taniguchi, Keisuke Komori

01 FATAL FURY (Title)
02 The Sea Knows (Michael Max's Theme)
03 The Hooligan of Downtown (Duck King's Theme)
04 The King Cobra is Coming (Hwa Jai's Theme)
05 Haremar Faith Capoeira School - Song of the Fight (Richard Meyer's Theme)
06 Four Thousand Years of Chinese History (Tung Fu Rue's Theme)
07 Brave Raiden (Raiden's Theme)
08 Hit by a Stick If You Walk Along the Bridge (Billy Kane's Theme)
09 Kiss for Geese (Geese Howard's Theme)
10 Just a Little Smart Fighting Fellow (2P Battle Theme)
11 If you Gaze at Reality (Ending)

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