Real Bout Garou Densetsu SPECIAL

01Real Bout Special (Title)0:20
02Player Select0:25
03Kurito Forever (Terry Bogard)2:43
04Winner Demo0:23
05Thunderous Waves (Andy Bogard)1:30
06A Special Poem Handed Down by Southern Thailand (Joe Higashi)2:18
07Always Zooming (Mai Shiranui)2:37
08TAKU-HATSU-Rock (Sokaku Mochizuki)4:05
09A Taste of Honey (Bob Wilson)1:19
10Donchika!! Chi!! Chi!! (Hon Fu)4:07
11Blue Mary's BLUES (Blue Mary)3:49
12GOLI-Rock (Franco Bash)3:01
13C62 -Shirokuni- Ver.2 (Ryuji Yamazaki)2:43
14No.3 from Pandora's Box "Determination" (Jin Chonshu & Jin Chonrei)2:42
15Duck! Duck! Duck! (Duck King)2:11
16It's Seoul (Kim Kaphwan)2:55
17London March (Billy Kane)2:41
18How Has China Survived 4000 Years? II (Tung Fu Rue)2:01
19Hapushu! Fuuuu (Cheng Sinzan)2:41
20Bulls and Sport (Lawrence Blood)2:33
21REQUIEM K.626[Lacrimosa] (Wolfgang Krauser)2:56
22Before Geese Demo0:09
23Soy Sauce on Geese (Geese Howard)1:44
24Joining In Demo0:21
25S-Wind (Staff Roll)1:40
27Game Over0:07
28Terry Bogard0:39
29Andy Bogard0:50
30Joe Higashi0:33
31Mai Shiranui0:47
32Sokaku Mochizuki0:42
33Bob Wilson0:28
34Hon Fu0:33
35Blue Mary1:00
36Franco Bash0:30
37Ryuji Yamazaki0:55
38Jin Chonshu0:22
39Jin Chonrei0:27
40Duck King0:44
41Kim Kaphwan0:37
42Billy Kane0:40
43Tung Fu Rue0:38
44Cheng Sinzan0:35
45Lawrence Blood0:43
46Wolfgang Krauser0:41
47Geese Howard0:38
48Etc. Voice2:23
49S.E. Collection I4:13
50S.E. Collection II1:26
Disc length 75:18

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