Garou Densetsu SPECIAL

Classification Original Soundtrack, Sound Effect
Published by Pony Canyon, Scitron Label
Composed by Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

01Garou Densetsu Special (Title)0:11
02Level Up 2 (Level Select)0:35
03Player Select0:39
05Kurikinton (America Stage I - Terry Bogard)1:54
06Pasta (Italy Stage - Andy Bogard)2:02
07A New Poem Southern Thailand Wants to Tell (Thailand Stage - Joe Higashi)1:57
08Winner Demo1:04
09Tanaka and Kitapi (Australia Stage - Big Bear)2:25
10Jubei (Japan Stage I - Jubei Yamada)1:48
11Flame Dragon God (Japan Stage II - Mai Shiranui)2:56
12Pangyago Hoho (Hong Kong Stage - Cheng Sinzan)2:30
13Let's Go to Seoul! (Korea Stage - Kim Kaphwan)2:32
14Duck Dub Dub (America Stage III - Duck King)1:53
15How Has China Survived 4000 Years? (China Stage - Tung Fu Rue)4:34
16London March (England Stage - Billy Kane)2:35
17Kinku Konku (America Stage II - Axel Hawk)1:39
18Working as a Matador (Spain Stage - Lawrence Blood)2:16
19Soy Sauce on Geese (America Stage IV - Geese Howard)2:44
20Requiem in D Minor K.626 "Dies Irae" (Germany Stage - Wolfgang Krauser)2:03
21Ryuuko no Ken Ver.230000000.0 (Japan Stage III - Ryo Sakazaki)3:29
22More Mission (Ending)1:57
23Continue ~ Game Over0:18
25Terry Bogard Voice0:19
26Andy Bogard Voice0:19
27Joe Higashi Voice0:21
28Big Bear Voice0:17
29Jubei Yamada Voice0:21
30Mai Shiranui Voice0:16
31Cheng Sinzan Voice0:20
32Kim Kaphwan Voice0:12
33Duck King Voice0:22
34Tung Fu Rue Voice0:16
35Billy Kane Voice0:09
36Axel Hawk Voice0:19
37Lawrence Blood Voice0:07
38Geese Howard Voice0:21
39Wolfgang Krauser Voice0:28
40Ryo Sakazaki Voice0:22
41Ending Voice0:12
42Etc. Voice0:48
43S.E. Collection I1:27
44S.E. Collection II0:52
Disc length 53:20

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