Garou Densetsu 3

01"Garou Densetsu 3" (Opening Title)0:43
02Clamor in the Crowd (Option Display)0:25
03Hitchhike (Player Select 1)0:53
04Freemason (Player Select 2)0:34
05A Ten Thousand Mile Journey for a Good Challenge (Fighter Select, Map, Winner Demo)0:49
06ENGAGE 2 (VS Display)0:30
07White Franco (Franco Bash Stage)3:04
08Kiss Me ♥ (Blue Mary Stage)2:38
09A Taste of Honey (Bob Wilson Stage)2:26
10A Taste of Crocodile (Joe Higashi Stage)2:31
11ENGAGE 3 (Yamazaki Act 1)1:43
12Floating on a Harp and Piano Fantasy for Yvonne Lelord (Mai Shiranui Stage)3:35
13Thunderous Waves (Andy Bogard Stage)2:30
14Chi!! Chi!! Chi!! Chi!! (Hon Fu Stage)2:58
15TAKU_HATSU (Sokaku Mochizuki Stage)2:52
16Big Shot! (Terry Bogard Stage)2:35
17Geese the Raccoon (Before the Geese Special Match)0:42
18It's Geese!! (Geese Howard Stage 1)3:02
19Kissed by Geese (Geese Howard Stage 2)2:53
20Transient Life (After the Geese Special Match)0:29
21Come On! (Accident ~ Before the Yamazaki Match)0:32
22C62 -Shirokuni- (Ryuji Yamazaki Stage)3:23
23You're a Hundred Years Early! (After the Yamazaki Match)0:37
24Jewel of Light (? Entry)0:18
25No.1 from Pandora's Box "Encounter" (Before Match Demo ~ ? Stage)3:06
26No.2 from Pandora's Box "Lost in the Fog" (Before Match Demo ~ ?? Stage)2:47
27The Sunset Sky Part V (Ending ~ Staff Roll)3:22
28GAME OVER 2 (For Ending)0:06
29Splash (Bad Ending)0:25
30ENGAGE 1 (Naming)1:43
33Terry Bogard Voice0:56
34Andy Bogard Voice1:03
35Joe Higashi Voice1:05
36Mai Shiranui Voice0:47
37Bob Wilson Voice0:58
38Franco Bash Voice1:03
39Blue Mary Voice1:05
40Geese Howard Voice1:00
41Hon Fu Voice0:57
42Sokaku Mochizuki Voice1:00
43Ryuji Yamazaki Voice1:01
44? Voice0:55
45?? Voice0:54
47S.E. Collection I1:57
48S.E. Collection II4:11
Disc length 74:47

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